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Empowering kids through support and opportunities.

Mobile Traveling Trailers

Our fleet of mobile clothing closet trailers travel throughout California, partnering with school districts, human service agencies, medical professionals, and specialized events for underserved communities.


We partner up with school districts to provide immediate clothing access for students and their siblings with year-round stationary programs located in elementary schools, high school campuses, and school district offices.


Located on the pediatric floor, hospital staff, social services workers, and nurses utilize our clothing program to serve low-income preemies, newborn, infants, pediatric patients, and their families.

Social Services

Collaborating with major human service agencies, we provide child and family advocates with immediate direct resource support for their clients.

Emergency Care Packages

Our team of senior volunteers prepare specialized emergency care packages made with love for children in child protective services, emergency foster care, or personalized baby bags.

Teen Talks

Motivational Speaker For At-Risk Youth. The Founder and CEO of the Children’s Resource Network of California makes herself available for public speaking events to inspire at-risk youth to overcome their challenges and achieve success in life.

Christmas Toy Drives and Giveaways

We partner with the California Highway Patrol’s annual “CHiP’s For Kids” toy drives. Together with our state and county law enforcement partners, major department stores, the oil fields, school districts, and community, we provide epic Christmas Toy Giveaways for struggling families, and children with developmental disabilities.

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